Art Collectors Pervade Forbes Rich List, Mick Jagger's Daughter Peed on a Warhol, and More Must-Read Art News

Art Collectors Pervade Forbes Rich List, Mick Jagger's Daughter Peed on a Warhol, and More Must-Read Art News

Looking to Sell Some Art?: This year's Forbes 400 has been released, and Crystal Bridges doyenne Alice Walton is #8, Steve Cohen is #32, S.I. Newhouse is #38, Eli Broad is #44, David Geffen is #54, Leonard Lauder is #66, Charles Schwab is #83, and Henry Kravis is #90. [Forbes]

An Etiological Tale?: Jade Jagger, who was often babysat by Andy Warhol at his Factory when she was a little girl, once mischievously peed on photo-based paper in his studio. "I spent a lot of time during the day at Andy's," Jagger said. "I had my first glass of champagne with him. No wonder I peed on his photo base paper once! But he didn't freak out, he liked the effect and later asked me to do it again." In 1977, Warhol embarked on his famous Oxidation Paintings series, where he and others peed on copper-paint-primed canvases. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Carnegie Curators Picked: Three curators have been chosen to organize the 2013 Carnegie International in Pittsburgh, and they are Tina Kukielski, a onetime senior curatorial assistant at the Whitney who has now temporarily joined the Carnegie; Carnegie associate curator Dan Byers; and independent Swiss curator Daniel Baumann. [NYT]

From Meat Dress to Dress Jerky: Lady Gaga's notorious VMA dress is going to be preserved like a fine piece of beef jerky, meaning that future generations will be able to enjoy it. One hopes that it will be displayed in a museum alongside some of the works that inspired it. [Guardian]

James Franco Not a Valedictorian, Exactly: The seminal artist claims that he received a "D" in his acting class at NYU. Hopefully he will do better in his doctoral studies at Yale. [NYMag]

High-Wire Art: Tightrope walker Didier Pasquette isperforming his remarkable talent all over New York State in honor of"Beyond/In Western New York 2010," a 27-venue exhibition that is beingheld in Western New York. [Niagara Gazette]

Gothic Revival House Revived as a Museum: Known for being the first Gothic Revival house, as well as the architectural inspiration behind Augustus Pugins Palace of Westminster, the Strawberry Hill estate (circa 1748) will be opening up to the public after a $11 million restoration. [Guardian]

New Exhibition Saves Face: "The Immortal Alexander the Great" (on display until March 18, 2011) — an exhibition comprised of over 350 antiques from St. Petersburg — now occupies two floors of Amsterdam’s Hermitage Museum. Though the show includes the gilded silver plates once adorning the harness of Alexander’s horse, it fails, surprisingly, to include a single portrait of Alexander himself.  [Financial Times]

Ken Johnson Does Not Spare Sperone: The New York Times art critic says that the new Foster + Partnersdesigned Sperone Westwater building has an "oddly cheap, low-tech and utilitarian appearance, like that of a discount-furniture emporium." Guillermo Kuitca's work, which is now on display there, is lambasted as a "visually lifeless sampling of Modernist motifs." [NYT]

Artist Boycott of Israel Cultural Center: Frank Gehry and Tony Kushner are among the 200 artist signatories on a petition to support Israeli actors choosing not to perform in the Jewish-only center of Ariel. "For Mr. Gehry to take such a moral stand once and for all ends the mythical firewall between architecture, policy, and human rights," Jewish Voice for Peace deputy director Cecilie Surasky said. [Haaretz]

Maybe Girl with the Pearl Earring Should Just Stay Home: After another Vermeer painting loaned to the Kobe City Museum in Japan was returned damaged, the Mauritshuis in The Hague is wary about sending their crowd-drawing work, made popular by a book and movie of the same name, as they had promised to do. [Art Newspaper]