LACMA Heads to the Hamptons

LACMA director Michael Govan and his curatorial team have opened their new Resnick Pavilion to the public only on select days this summer, showing off the expanse of its 45,000 square feet with a display of Walter De Marias sprawling "2000 Sculpture" arrayed across its floor. When LACMA held a party to celebrate the pavilion on Sunday, guests hoping to see the fine new exhibition space, built with money donated by philanthropists Lynda and Stewart Resnick, were out of luck: the fete was in the Hamptons.

Actor Tom Gregory and LACMA trustee David Bohnett were the party's hosts, inviting a crowd nattily dressed in linen shirts and pastels, to their Southampton home. Will Cotton, fresh from hanging out with pop star Katy Perry, was there as well as Sotheby’s executive Lisa Dennison, sporting a very yellow outfit and an aquamarine clutch seemingly born of the sea ocean. They were joined by public servants like Peter Tufo, the former U.S. ambassador to Hungary, and Southampton mayor Mark Epley.

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