Opening Night: "Lush Life"

Last night "Lush Life," the headily ambitious nine-gallery evocation of Richard Price's novel of the same name, unfurled itself on the Lower East Side, drawing an invasion of art-lovers to explore the neighborhood's sweltering art spaces, crudely-printed exhibition maps in hand. ARTINFO, which has been following the germination of the show — organized by artist/curator duo Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez Chahoud — from the beginning, decided to join the crush. Overcoming the embarrassment of consulting a map in our native city (not like we needed it, thank you!), we sought out as many of the participating galleries as we could before the 9 p.m. closing time. (Which conveniently left us at Lehmann Maupin, a delicious stone's throw from DBGB.)

For more on the show, read ARTINFO's original article and Q&A with Richard Price — and for a virtual tour of the exhibition's opening night festivities, click the accompanying slide show.