Versailles to Host Subdued Murakami Show

Versailles to Host Subdued Murakami Show
The Palace of Versailles has released the first details of its planned exhibition of art by Japanese workhorse Takashi Murakami, and it appears that it will be somewhat more low-key than last year's Jeff Koons exhibition there, which some critics found to be a bit outré for the historic building.

According to reports, organizers are being careful to avoid Murakami’s more pornographic and morbid works, so visitors are unlikely to find the artist’s sculptures of naked, anime-style figures ejaculating or jumping ropes made of breast milk in the former halls of the French monarchy.

Nevertheless, curators plan a sizable offering, which will fill 15 rooms in the palace, including the Hall of Mirrors and the apartments of the king and queen, and will run from Sept. 12 to Dec. 12.

Murakami will be the third contemporary artist to grace the estate as part of a program organized by Jean-Jacques Ailagons public corporation for cultural projects. French artist Xavier Veilhan also showed work on the property last year.

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