June 2008 Table of Contents

June 2008 Table of Contents
28 Editor's Letter
Read the Letter
32 Provision
By Lyra Kilston and Quinn Latimer
38 Diary
Do Buy!
Giddy asinine wealthy fun in the United Arab Emirates
By Matthew Collings
44 Fair Game
Fair Game
An audio guide through New York's Armory Week
By Pablo Helguera
52 Brody Condon
By Holly Willis
56 Laleh Khorramian
By Lauren Cornell
64 William Kentridge and Robin Rhode
Free Forms
The artists in conversation
70 Neil Harbisson
Painting by Ear
How a machine called the "eyeborg" enabled the color-blind artist to paint the full spectrum
74 Buckminster Fuller
Blueprint for the 21st Century
By Norman Foster
80 Akram Khan
Lost in Transit
The choreographer talks about his latest work, Bahok
By Nancy Pellegrini
Face Value
By Eline van der Vlist
92 Reviews
New York; Los Angeles; Sante Fe; Berkeley; Chicago; Boston; London; Glasgow; Berlin; Paris
106 Books
Solar Systems & Rest Rooms: Writing and Interviews; 1965-2006, by Mel Bochner
Histories of the Immediate Present; Inventing Architectural Modernism,by Anthony Vidler
True Norwegian Black Metal, by Peter Beste
112 R. I. P.
Patrick Ireland
By Paddy Gillan