Dance Club Doubles as Art Gallery

Dance Club Doubles as Art Gallery

According to The Washington Post, the promoters of Eden, a weekly Saturday night event at the swank Pasha Lounge, are displaying a rotating selection of paintings, sculptures, videos and graphic design.

One such piece hangs above the dance floor and doubles as a projection surface for live videos. And in an ironic twist, the large-scale installation is designed to look like the leaves of a money plant.


We saw a similar piece by the artist at the Meat Market Gallery and got them to do a work for us,” said Eden founder Ricardo Reinoso, who plans to recruit new artists via the Internet.

Someone’s already expressed an interest in buying [that piece],” he said. “That’s what we’re trying to do: give artists a chance to connect with people who might be interested in their art.”

The Washington Post: Visual Arts Vie for Attention at Dance Club