Pollock and Krasner at Robert Miller

Pollock and Krasner at Robert Miller
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pollock Krasner Foundation, which provides financial assistance to visual artists, the Robert Miller Gallery inNew York through Jan. 28, 2006 is showing an exhibition exploring theworking relationship of Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock.
In her essay accompanying the catalogue, Barbara Rose writes, "Legendhas it thet there would have been no Pollock without Krasner and thatKrasner was completely dominated by her husband, in whose shadow sheexisted and whose style determined hers.
"The big question of whether there would have been a Pollock without aKrasner, however, is the same as the question of whether there wouldhave been a Krasner without a Pollock. The answer is no in both cases.Both ideas distort the reality of their relationship andaccomplishments.
"In addition to mutual admiration as artists, Krasner and Pollock gaveeach other assurance and support during a period when neither wasunderstood. Like Picasso during the brief period of his interactionwith Braque, the daily give and take of Pollock and Krasner feds bothartists. Comrades in art, Pollock and Krasner fought the battle forauthenticity, spontaneity and persoanl expression in a conservative,conformist and inhibited culture hostile to these values and hostile tothe compelxity and demands of Modernism itself.

Images Courtesy of Robert Miller Gallery, New York.