Zach Feuer Gallery to Open in LA With Kantor Gallery

Zach Feuer Gallery to Open in LA With Kantor Gallery
NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES - Given Los Angeles's increasingly energetic and attention-grabbing gallery scene, movement between New York and LA has become more fluid. The latest venture to span the coasts is the partnership between Zach Feuer of Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL) in New York and Niels Kantor of Kantor Gallery in West Hollywood. Feuer, who shows young and emerging artists in his gallery on West 24th Street, one of the most heavily populated gallery blocks in Chelsea, is pairing with Kantor Gallery in a "creative partnership"; Kantor/Feuer Gallery will open next fall in the existing Kantor space on Melrose Avenue. (Both galleries will maintain their individual programs in New York and LA; Kantor will continue to deal privately in blue-chip artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Ruscha and Andy Warhol.) Feuer describes their mission: "We want to introduce emerging New York artists to the West Coast, and, eventually, to pick up LA artists and bring them to New York."

Feuer and Kantor won't just be bringing New York artists to LA, but giving them the chance to fully experience the city and make some art there. A nearby apartment and studio will be available to each artist for a month preceding their exhibition enabling them to "immerse themselves in the Los Angeles culture and produce new work," according to Feuer. Kantor/Feuer's inaugural show will be an installation by Phoebe Washburn that coincides with her exhibition at UCLA Hammer Museum. Currently, half of the shows planned are artists represented by Feuer, including Tom McGrath, Simone Shubuck as well as Washburnwhile the other half come from other New York galleriesChris Hammerlein shows with Derek Eller Gallery in Chelsea; Daniel Hesidence shows with Feature Gallery, and Haavard Homstvedt has just had a solo show with Southfirst in Brooklyn.

To reinforce their bicoastal vision, Kantor/Feuer will also debut in September an unstaffed project window in Chelsea at 259 10th Ave. (between 25th and 26th Streets). They see it as a place to show work "created outside of the system," and artists on the schedule include Charlotte Becket, Johannes Vanderbeek and Misaki Kawai.

While Kantor/Feuer Gallery will capitalize on Kantor's established West Coast reputation and Feuer's interest in discovering and promoting new talent, each will maintain their separate endeavors. Feuer's Chelsea gallery and program will remain as is. Of their decision to remain in West Hollywood rather than head to the burgeoning Culver City and Chinatown gallery hotspots, Feuer says: "Kantor/Feuer is not totally commercially driven; we want to do our own thing, offer a dialogue between the cities and become a destination."

Image courtesy of (top) Kantor/Feuer gallery and Zach Feuer gallery.