'Gregory Crewdson: Cathedral of The Pines' at Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels

Pickup Truck, 2014, Digital pigment print, 95,3 × 127 cm, 37 1/2 × 50 in.
(Courtesy: Galerie Daniel Templon)

Gregory Crewdson's new exhibition titled "Cathedral of The Pines" is currently on view at Galerie Daniel Templon and will continue to run through October 29, 2016.

The exhibition features 31 photographs that are being showcased in Europe for the first time. The images capture motionless figures in both natural environments and domestic interiors. Crewdson encompasses the tensions between art and life, connection and separation, intimacy and isolation. The images seem to be expressing a sense of the unknown and the invisible processes.

The exhibition is on view at Galerie Daniel Templon, Rue Veydt 13A - Veydtstraat 13A 1060 Brussels - Belgium.

For details, visit: http://www.danieltemplon.com

Click on the Slideshow for a sneak peek of the exhibition.