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ARTISTS FOR POLITICAL SANITY: An Anti-Trump Artist Collective

Artworks by Raul Gonzalez and Samantha Michel.
(Courtesy of Artists For Political Sanity)

Each election season has its own brand of art, and the one we find ourselves in now is certainly no exception. From Deborah Kass’s great Warhol-referencing “Vote Hillary” screen print and Carrie Mae Weems’s moving video, "The Power of Your Vote," to the nude (and testicle-less) Trump sculptures that popped up across the country literally overnight, all the way down to “Twinks For Trump" and that one guy in Staten Island who put up a big T-shaped sculpture in his front yard, this year’s elongated election cycle has produced plenty of notable artworks. Now, two months out from the national election, a new group of artists has joined together for the cause.

ARTISTS FOR POLITICAL SANITY, an artist collective made up of 14 different painters, sculptors, illustrators, and others, who have, together, made it their goal to distribute art in the name of protecting democracy. The mission of the collective address wide-reaching political issues, but, at its core, directly targets Trump himself, citing the Republican Presidential nominee's “proposed anti-immigration legislation,” “ignorant and hateful speech about Latinos and Muslims,” his “misunderstanding of the Second Amendment,” and “utter disregard and disrespect for diplomacy.” However, more than anything else, the goal of the group is to encourage people to get out and vote. Their mission statement reads: “Because we, as artists and as a nation, CANNOT let Donald Trump become president of the United States, we have made a series of paintings, drawings, and collages, many of which incorporate text, to convey why every vote matters, and to urge everyone to vote.”

Members range from recognizable art world names, such as Mary Beth Edelson, Jon Kessler, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Tomas Vu, to younger artists still making a name from themselves. Likewise, the works of the individual artists differ greatly, but for this project at least, their message is the same. Each has created a poster for the project, which the group will disseminate throughout the upcoming months.

The full list of ARTISTS FOR POLITICAL SANITY includes: Natalie Birinyi, Nathan Catlin, Mary Beth Edelson, Max Ginsburg, Raul Gonzalez III, Jon Kessler, Samantha Michel, Kate Selker, Karen Lee Sobol, Connor Stankard, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tomas Vu, Abby Walworth, and Sara Zielinski.

"Honestly the project was motivated by fear,” one of the founding artists, Sara Zielinski, told Artinfo. “Fear of a man who generates so much to be afraid of. Our goal is to present people across the country with images and text that will hopefully cause them to reflect on or realize how dangerous Donald Trump is and how so many different types of Americans would be negatively (harmfully) affected by his proposed policies and his hateful speech."

The collective has also launched a fundraising campaign to support the project, which you can find (and contribute to!) here. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to the printing and distribution of our posters.