Thomas Hirschhorn and Santiago Sierra on Democracy and Dissent at Asakusa

Thomas Hirschhorn, "Schema Art and Public Space," 2016
(Courtesy the artist)

“Radical Democracy,” an exhibition by artists Thomas Hirschhorn & Santiago Sierra, is being showcased at Asakusa in Tokyo through August 21.

The exhibition is a representation of dissent and antagonism, and an acceptance of both. It voices the opinion that there are oppressive power relations in society that need to be made visible, addressed, and re-altered. The artists urge the viewers to look at the intrinsic borders that divide a seemingly homogenous society.

The artist group of Thomas Hirschhorn & Santiago Sierra is known to engage in artistic practices with selected social groups often facing ethical questions. The artworks explore political and economic disparities existing beyond the sanctioned consensus, and incite a practice of valuing and sustaining dissent.

Hirschhorn's creation questions consumerism, media spectacle, aesthetic value, and moral responsibility, and Sierra's captures body politics and the conditions of the capitalist market.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the exhibition.