Thomas Hirschhorn’s Potent Pixel Collages at Chantal Crousel

Installation view of “Pixel-Collage”

As the title suggests, “Pixel-Collage” at Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris is an exhibition of new collages by the Paris-based Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn. Collages of both two and three dimensions are integral to Hirschhorn’s practice, which is characterized by the sculptural constructions – or collages – of everyday and found materials for which he is best known.

“To do collages is essential to me,” Hirschhorn states in a 2008 article for The Happy Hypocrite. “I do two-dimensional Collages and three-dimensional Collages. Doing Collages means creating a New World with elements of the Existing World. Doing Collages is expressing the Agreement with the Existing World without approving it. This is Resistance.”


With “Pixel-Collage,” Hirschhorn addresses what he identifies as the growing phenomenon of facelessness in pictures being reproduced today. According to Hirschhorn, there is an increase in the use of pixels and blurring by the media as a means of asserting authority, to which he responds, and at the same time subverts, with his own artistically (and politically) motivated pixel images.

“Today, more than ever, I believe in the notions of Equality, Universality, Justice and Truth,” says Hirschhorn. “I want to use pixels as a tool, a tool to connect and make links between things. I want to link the beauty and cruelty of reality… I want to use pixels as an instrument to link the unspeakable with the abstract, to link reality with the real, to link the hidden with the known.”

“Pixel-Collage” is at Galerie Chantal Crousel until February 26.