French Designer Paco Rabanne Shows Drawings in Moscow

French Designer Paco Rabanne Shows Drawings in Moscow
French fashion designerPaco Rabanne opened the first ever exhibition of his drawings in Moscowon Tuesday, including a sketch dedicated to last year's Beslan schoolmassacre that he wants to sell to help the victims' families.

"Iam 72 years old and I wanted to present my drawings this year beforedisappearing from this planet. I have not shown them to anyone exceptSalvador Dali 30 years ago who told me to keep going," the designersaid at a news conference.

One of the black and white drawingsshows a child releasing a white balloon and a dove into the sky — ascene inspired by last month's commemoration ceremony for the Beslanattack, in which 319 hostages were killed — including 186 children — aswell as 12 servicemen and 31 hostage-takers.

Beslan is located in the southern Russian republic of North Ossetia and borders Georgia.

"I want this drawing to be sold and the money to be given to the women of Beslan," the designer said.

Rabannesaid he had chosen the Russian capital for the show, due to run untilOctober 14, as he had a special relationship with Russia, formed afterhis first visit in 1950, when he met Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

The fashion designer praised Stalin on Tuesday, saying he had "a magnetic personality."