16 Questions for Painter David Salle

16 Questions for Painter David Salle
Name: David Salle
Age: 58
Occupation: Painter
City/Neighborhood: Fort Greene

What project are you working on now? I just finished two shows. I'm going to spend some time working on a film now.


As somebody whose work has been influenced by dance, what's the last great dance performance you saw? "Three Theories" at the Joyce by Armitage Gone! Dance


The cohort of artists that you came up with aimed for heroism in their work and pronouncements. Do you find that same kind of ambition among younger artists working today? I don't know, but have no reason to think they would be any different.


Do you make a living off your art? More or less

What's the most indispensable item in your studio? Good lighting

Where are you finding ideas for your work these days? Other paintings and painters, classic films, ballet, poetry, nature... same as always.

What's the last artwork you purchased? A collage by Bruce High Quality Foundation

What's the first artwork you ever sold? A drawing of my hand for $5 when I was 12.

What's the weirdest thing you ever saw happen in a museum or gallery? Can't think of anything weird.

What's your art-world pet peeve? Theory-heads

Do you have a gallery/museum-going routine? MoMA followed by two anti-depressants

What work of art do you wish you owned? Titian's "The Flaying of Marsyas"

What would you do to get it? Nothing special

What international art destination do you most want to visit? Peter Zumthor's buildings

What under-appreciated artist, gallery, or work do you think people should know about? Armitage Gone! Dance, the contemporary ballet company

What are your hobbies? I think that word went out in the 60's.