At Gallery Weekend, Lawrence Weiner and Kiki Smith's Art Tattoos Get Under Berlinners' Skin

Art lovers heading to Berlin's Gallery Weekend will have the opportunity to have the already long weekend — it runs through Monday — last forever if they stop by the Arratia, Beer Gallery. For its show "As Long as It Lasts," the space is housing a temporary tattoo parlor, with a professional inker prepared to decorate anyone willing to go under the gun with unique artworks created by such artists and designers as Kiki Smith, Lawrence Weiner, Wim Delvoye, Christian Jankowski, Constantin and Laurene Boym, Andrew Zuckermann, Fernando Bryce, Olaf Nicolai, and Dr. Lakra.


While the crossover between tattoo artistry and contemporary art isn’t exactly a novel concept — Delvoye's tattooed pigs are notorious, Dr. Lakra's work recently toured the United States in a solo show, and Scott Campbell is a former Hollywood celebrity tattoo artist, for instance — it's rare to have so much talent devoted to the form in one place. Plus, the idea that anyone can wander into a gallery and leave with a work of art for the price of a little flesh — as opposed to, say, a pound of it — is an idea worth entertaining.

To see tattoo designs from the show, click the slide show at left.