British Photographic Portrait Prize Shortlist Announced

British Photographic Portrait Prize Shortlist Announced
An image of his familyat prayer has won British photographer Ric Bower a place on a £15,000Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize shortlist at the NationalPortrait Gallery, according to Louise Jury of the Independent.

Bower,38, joins contenders from Germany, Australia and Sweden. Bower's placeas one of four on the shortlist from an original 6000 submissions,arrives straight after his graduation from Carmarthenshire College inWales, according to Jury.

"His work, Three Generations (fromPrayer), depicts his children, Sharon and Jasmin, his wife Amber, andmother-in-law Mary West. It is part of a series exploring how and whypeople pray and was taken during the spring harvest Christian festivalat Butlins Minehead, in Somerset, earlier this year," reports theIndependent.

Also on the shortlist is German-born PhilippEbeling, 28. Ebeling had previously won the Observer Hodge PhotographicAward for a series of photographs of East London during a snow storm,notes Jury. Australian Shara Henderson, 27, is on the shortlist forGirl with Baby — Poland. Jury writes that the "strength and beauty" ofthe figures captured in the shot helped Henderson overcome the languagebarrier that existed between them. Magnus Reed, 40, is a Swedish-bornphotographer now living in England. "Although his work has includedreportage on the war in Afghanistan and a documentary on the beatnikgeneration, he found the subjects of his shortlisted work, Amy andJack, near his home."


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