VIDEO: After Hiatus, the Drums Impress in Times Square

NEW YORK — After a three-year hiatus, Brooklyn-based duo The Drums held a free show at the Novotel Hotel in Times Square as part of the After Hours Rooftop Series. The band, comprised of founding members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham, are exploring a different sound with their forthcoming full-length album “Encyclopedia” — they played the record’s first single, “Magic Mountain,” Wednesday night.

“We made sort of a record that… I think surprised even us sometimes — where we went with it,” Pierce told ARTINFO ahead of the show. “If you only know us from our past work, you might be a little surprised… but that’s exciting for us. I don’t think we could have done the same thing again.”

The show, which was free but had a line that wrapped twice around the hotel’s Midtown block, was curated by Clocktower Productions in partnership with Times Square Arts.

“I continue to be amazed and excited by Times Square, however, with the extraordinary rebuilding of Times Square… we also have lost the Times Square that has that imaginary sense of decadence and adventure,” said Clocktower’s director, Alanna Heiss. “Our projects have to bring back artists who in the past have brought that kind of excitement to New York.”

“Every time has a little bit of a different curatorial spin,” said Sherry Dobbins, Times Square Alliance’s director of public art, who describes the three-week performance series as having a mini-festival environment.

The After Hours Rooftop Series continues next Wednesday, July 23, with Ebe Oke.