VIDEO: Gregor Hildebrandt Revamps Cassettes At Perrotin

In an era where music has gone digital, cassette tapes are deemed relics of the 70s— that is until Gregor Hildebrandt revamps them to use as material for his latest mixed-media pieces in his first New York solo show at Galerie Perrotin.

Hildebrandt’s show with its ambiguous title “Die Geschichte läuft über uns” translates to “The Story Runs Across Us” or “History Walks Across Us.” It brings together four paintings where he utilizes his iconic “ripping-off process” with a tape recording of “The Garden” by Einstürzende Neubauten.

The Berlin-based artist adheres the coated side of cassette tapes onto a canvas, presses on it with a brush or roller, and rips the tape off to create the defined, yet sporadic lines on his works. He repeats the process before finally gluing them onto the canvas for good to create what he calls the “negative” painting.

In addition to the paintings, Hildebrandt created a "Sonic Barrier” made of vinyl record bowls he found at a Berlin flea market. Visitors have to walk around it to gain access to the gallery where the paintings are hung.

The show at Galerie Perrotin runs through February 22.

Curious to hear what Hildebrandt has on his music playlist? Read more about it in Studio Tracks from our January 2014 issue of Modern Painters.