What Is the Word: Graham Dolphin
March 29 - May 5, 2012
What Is the Word: Graham Dolphin

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17 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AA
17 Kingsland Road London イギリス E2 8AA
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Graham Dolphin's latest exhibition is comprised of an expansive mural and a series of careful, figurative pencil drawings.


The last poem produced by Samuel Beckett is titled "Comment Dire," which can be translated as "What is the word." The original document is now archived and shows text in French, staggered down the page, interspersed with revisions. Dolphin has used this document as the starting point for a cycle of drawings that describes papers belonging to artists, novelists, poets and song-writers. The selected images range from Frida Kahlo's final journal entry, the faxed sheaf of Charles Bukowski's last poem to the cover of Kurt Cobain's songwriting book. Each item is depicted as creased, torn and personal, not a drawing of the mediated cultural output but of the personal ephemera.


Graham Dolphin