A Sense of Snow: Edvard Munch's Winter Landscapes
January 20 - May 28, 2012
A Sense of Snow: Edvard Munch's Winter Landscapes

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Throughout his career, Munch painted far more winter motifs than many other Norwegian artists. He explored the snow-covered landscape and people's winter activities in countless pictures. The cold season and the snow were perfectly suited not only to rendering the play of light and movement, but also to depicting atmospheres. The cold, starry, clear nights, not least, held the potential to convey the melancholic mood of the winter season, a motif that Munch returned to often in his life. The exhibition presents delightful landscape paintings from around the turn of the century executed in a decorative style inspired by the elegance of art nouveau, monumental winter paintings from Kragerø, and winter motifs from Hvitsten and Jeløya. Finally, a selection of paintings from Ekely is presented, among them the lovely and very evocative "Starry Night," with its deep symbolic resonance in relation to thoughts and feelings about the existence, loneliness and vanity of man.