The Red Krayola and The Familiar Ugly in Concert
The Red Krayola and The Familiar Ugly in Concert

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99 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014
United States

Tel: +1 212 570 3600

99 Gansevoort Street New York United States 10014


April 13, 2012

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The Red Krayola's music is complex and restless, mixing modes and addressing where entertainment meets theory — formal, political, social, existential, etc. They trade, in their words, in “genre […] festooned with emergency conditionals. ‘It’s a pop song, just in case it might be an avant-garde performance’; ‘It’s a contribution to a conversation, just in case it’s rock ’n’ roll.’” Their Biennial project includes an index of more than four hundred entries covering their diverse membership, affiliations, and concerns. With their cohorts, "The Familiar Ugly," the band will perform an evening comprising new songs, old songs, and free-form freakouts.