Has Julian Schnabel's Outre Pajama Style Actually Caught on in High Fashion?

Has Julian Schnabel's Outre Pajama Style Actually Caught on in High Fashion?
Annie Leibowitz captured Julian Schnabel in his pajamas in this 1995 portrait.
(Courtesy Dumbo Arts Center)

When artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, director of "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and "Miral," goes out on the town, he prefers the fresh out ofbed look — so much so that he wears silk pajamas wherever he goes, from filmpremieres to art openings to Oscar parties. Since around 2008, with the exception of wearing a tuxedo to that year's Academy Awards, he's been seen almost exclusively sporting his signature jammies, raising eyebrows wherever he went. IsSchnabel so brash that he thinks he can wear whatever he wants? Was he inspired by HughHefner? Does he just not give a f*ck?


Whateverthe reason — the look works for the eccentric artist. "When Iwear pajamas, it looks like a tuxedo anyway," Schnabel boasted to New York Magazinein 2008. While one would think that most people would look ridiculousstepping out in their sleepwear, the fashion world definitely took note of Schnabel'sstyle. Vogue published a guide to pajama dressing on its website, while a plethoraof designers used loungewear as runway inspiration and PJ-esque looks popped upin recent collections from Tommy Hilfiger, Karen Walker, Céline, and more.

So aside fromfashion labels and publications, who else has caught on to thenightwear-as-daywear trend? Kanye West donned evening slippers at the Councilof Fashion Designers of America awards in June. Street style photographer EddieNewton recently snapped stylist Giovanna Battaglia flaunting thetrend in a beige polka dot ensemble with strappy heels.  Last weekfashion designer Rachel Roy attended the premiere of "One Day" in a striped set,which looked a little sloppy with Manolo Blahniks, a maroon clutch, and nerdglasses. Unapologetic about her look, Roy explained to InStyle: "I have an 11-year-old and I liketo show her that it's OK to take fashion risks and to have fun and tell a storywith fashion."


Although he isn't a typical trendsetter, Schnabel was definitelyon to something when he started wearing his jammies out. As odd as they mayseem, nobody can deny how good they feel on.