VIDEO: Tight-Knit Brooklyn Artist Collective The Still House Group on Forging an Alternative Art Identity

Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler, founders of the Still House Group
(Photo by Tom Chen)

Founded by Isaac Brest and Alex Perweiler in 2008 when the pair and their founding members were still in art school, the Still House Group is a collective of young artists who have banded together not out of a desire for anonymity but for camraderie. The group runs a studio space in industrial Red Hook but has also installed a selection of their work at Mark Fletcher's gallery space at 24 Washington Square North. The exhibition is called "Here Comes," a teasing title that, as Brest explained, framed the show as a "survey of works" rather than anything with a specific theme, avoiding "closing down people's minds." ARTINFO spoke to Brest and Perweiler about the gallery show, then visited their sprawling studio space to talk about the difficulties of working as emerging artists. 

Click on the video below for our profile of the Still House Group. "Here Comes" is on view at Mark Fletcher through July 27.