Shaq's Big Debut

Shaq's Big Debut
Basketball giant Shaquille O'Neal is certainly not the first person you'd consider when choosing a curator for an art exhibition. Well, unless, the theme of that show is scale, maybe.

The 7'1" Cleveland Cavaliers center is curating "Size DOES Matter," an exhibition of contemporary art focused on scale that opens at New York's nonprofit Flag Art Foundation in February. The show will include 52 artworks from 39 artists, including five commissions. Among the featured artists are Andreas Gursky, Paul Pfeiffer, Maurizio Cattelan, and Ron Mueck, who's creepy, hairless giant Untitled (Big Man) will be on loan from Washington's Hirshhorn Museum.

O'Neal selected the works with the help of Flag director Stephanie Roach, choosing work he had a visual response to, and will be on hand to help install the show as well.

“As a curator, I have a responsibility to the artists, who are my ‘teammates,’’’ O’Neal told Bloomberg. “We all have to make each other look good — no different than what I do on the court.’’

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