Tricia Cline is self taught and has been sculpting from direct observation in the female and animal form for over 20 years. Her small, highly detailed porcelain clay sculptures are complex metaphors describing our relationship to animals and to ourselves as ... Animals.

Cline writes, “This body of work is an ode to the Animal, its ability to perceive, and our return to that perception. Each kind of animal is an ambassador of its perfected niche (a definition of holiness). An animal is it’s very form. It’s function is it’s form. They have become so perfected, that they are archetypes inside of us; archetypes that are beyond our insistence of meaning and yet completely shape our feelings.

The exiles migrate between the human world and the animal world and carry this awareness on their backs. They are the quiet embodiment of this quest. The saint (Pope Joey in his various forms) understands the language of animals and is a self-appointed ambassador from this world. He is firmly seated, in the language of animals, the language of imagery. He has succeeded.”

Ricco/Maresca Gallery

New York, US