Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Spanish, b. 1904 - d. 1989

Specialities: Modern Art,


Grand master of provocation, virtuoso of the eccentric, Salvador Dali is known the world over. The artist dominated his time by occupying a major place in the world of Surrealism, but Dali was also a specialist in keeping up with the times.

Art fans and critics were often taken off-guard by the artist’s position as well as his paintings. Dali knew how to interpret the world’s subconscious and would coin the famous phrase “paranoia critique”, a concept that he would use to explain the meaning of his works. The deliberate exploitation of all things delirious, enhanced by a certain mystical eroticism are also integral parts of Dali’s quest.

The artist often associated the absurd with a situation or perspective depicting the cosmos: with a classic artistic beauty, concrete details reveal an underlying tension – sometimes thanks to specific lighting. The effect obtained is nothing less than startling.

Dali collaborated with famous film maker Luis Bunuel, created jewelry and illustrated several books. His excessive tendency towards exhibitionism, supported by a strong penchant to invent, the diversity of the various genres he dabbled in and the techniques that Dali needed to succeed, all make him one of the most extraordinary figures on the 20th century art scene.

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 Manhattan by Salvador Dali


Auctionata, Berlin

September 18, 2014


 Le Ph?nix by Salvador Dali

Le Ph?nix

Auctionata, Berlin

September 18, 2014


 L'Ouroboros by Salvador Dali


Auctionata, Berlin

September 18, 2014



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