Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein

American, b. 1923 - d. 1997

Place of Birth: New York, NY

Place of Death: New York, NY

Specialities: Modern Art,


Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York in 1923. Nextto Andy Warhol he is considered to be the great artist of the Pop Art movement.The use of familiar subjects like comic strips, bank notes or advertisingthemes, makes the art of Roy Lichtenstein easily accessible.

Roy Lichtenstein began his artstudies in 1939 at the Art Students League under urban scene painter ReginaldMarsh. The artist continued his studies at Ohio State University where he was introduced toEuropean Modernism and the works of Picasso, Klee and Kandinsky. His studieswere interrupted by military service, but, after the war, Lichtenstein returnedto Ohio State and completed a Masters in FineArt degree in 1949.

As a central figure in the PopArt movement of the 1960s, Lichtenstein sought an anonymous style, removing allpersonal reference from his work to convey the appearance of mass production.Borrowed imagery from the pages of magazine advertisements and newspaper comicstrips became the focus of his compositions. In discussing his work,Lichtenstein once said: "All my art is in some way about other art, evenif the other art is cartoons."

Working with stencils,Lichtenstein developed a technique using rows of dots that mimicked thecommercial printing patterns used in the production of comic books. Thisresemblance was further emphasized by Lichtenstein's selection of a palette ofbright primary colors that replicated the chromatic range of comic books. Inaddition, the artist has produced several large scale sculptures commissioned forpublic places, most notably "Mermaid" in Miami Beach. Lichtenstein's unconventionalpaintings, regarded by many as beyond the bounds of fine art during the 1960s,are now considered icons of the Pop Art movement and have secured the artist'splace in art history. Lichtenstein has had retrospectives at the Tate Galleryin London, the SolomonR. GuggenheimMuseum in NewYork and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Other than paintings and sculptures, the artist produced a number of prints for which he used different techniques: lithographs, screenprints, etchings and woodcuts. Often he combined these techniques in one print. 

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 Reverie by Roy Lichtenstein


Auctionata, Berlin

September 18, 2014


 Landscape I;  Awl (M. 35); Miss America; Compact; Moonscape (C. 37); Custom Print I;  Chic; Circles of Confusion (G. 10); Jacqueline Kennedy I (F. & S. II.13); Maiden; Cut-out Nude by Roy Lichtenstein

Landscape I; Awl (M. 35); Miss America; Compact;

Christie's, London

September 17, 2014


 Crak! by Roy Lichtenstein


Christie's, London

September 17, 2014



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