Marc Brotherton

Nationality: American

Birth Year: 1969

Place of Birth: Topeka, KS

Specialities: Contemporary Art


Marc Brotherton is an MFA graduate of Brooklyn College, a BFA graduate from the University of New Mexico, and has studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has participated in solo and group shows in New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Albuquerque. He is a native of Kansas and currently lives and works in Decatur, Georgia.
Artist statementThe transmission of information and movement of ideas, and how those ideas are introduced, are major themes in my paintings.

Communication is important because it is integral to our times. We have information all around us. Not only pagers, cell phones, identification numbers, tracking devices, etc., but also other types of communication like computer languages, maps, nanotechnology, schematic drawings or diagrams that demonstrate how something should function. I present images of things for the viewer to invent for her or himself. The work eludes into other dimensions while keeping a common, everyday reference point in the mundane world.