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Louise Blouin is the founder of the leading global company BlouinArtinfo Corp that covers the fields of arts, travel, culture, lifestyle and international news and at the same time promotes them. The idea sprouted within her a deep interest in art and she expanded the interest to a well-established global business. Her efforts in this direction have received much appreciation around the world. 
Trader Classified Media
Louise Blouin entered the business world with Trader Classified Media, a leading company in print and online classified advertising. She co-founded the company and also served as the sole operational CEO and Chairman for over 15 years. She led the business at its peak of success by doing business with over 70 companies and putting out 400 publications, reaching out to 9 million readers per week. She established the business in 20 countries and developed around 60 websites. Around 7,000 employees in Russia, Australia, Eastern Europe and North America joined the venture and worked under her guidance. In 2005, she sold her remaining holdings in Trader Classified Media and went on to develop BlouinArtinfo Corp.
BlouinArtinfo Corp
Fascinated and inspired by the world of art and culture, Louise Blouin started Louise Blouin Media in 2003. She founded BlouinArtinfo Corp in order to reach out to a global audience that is interested in knowing about the latest market news, cultural events, art exhibitions, developments in science, technology, business and politics. She soon moved into art publication and incorporated her brand BlouinArtinfo Corp into several branches, including BlouinARTINFO.com, BlouinArtInfo Newspaper, BlouinNews.com, the magazines Blouin Art+Auction, Blouin Modern Painters, Blouin Gallery Guide, the catalog publisher Somogy, BLOUINSHOP and the Blouin Art Sales Index. Her passion for art is like a never quenching thirst and this keeps her pushing to explore even more. She launched BLOUINSHOP.com in July 2017 and it has become the largest online lifestyle and art store. This website contains more than 100,000 items and editorial content on art, lifestyle, and culture delivered by the best writers from different parts of the world.
BlouinNews.com offers an insight and vast coverage of art, business and politics from a global perspective. The Blouin Art Sales Index supplies the art market participants a rich collection of art auction records from 1922. BlouinArtinfo Corp’s print publications are counted as the leading and authoritative voices in the emerging art scenes and in the contemporary art market. These publications include Blouin Modern Painters, Blouin Art+Auction, Blouinshop, the BlouinArtinfo Newspaper and the catalog division Somogy. 
Another important and integral part of the brand is BlouinARTINFO.com as the site features a wide coverage of performing arts, visual arts, fashion, architecture and design, cultural events, travel, art market news and information and commentary on artists and their works of art. Her aim behind launching this site was to give her target audience a global source for comprehensive coverage of the art world. With the introduction of this website, Louise Blouin provided an unparalleled handling and presentation of local and international art stories, its latest trends and events, as the website offers publications in eight languages and 19 national editions. 
Other Achievements
Along with controlling her leading company, Louise Blouin is also the Chairman of the Louise Blouin Foundation that aims to promote cultural awareness and also points out the opportunities and challenges of globalization through a cultural perspective. In 2005, the Foundation hosted a series of exhibitions in Holland Park in London showcasing contemporary art revolving around the motif of cultural dialogue. In 2009, the Foundation collaborated with artist Ross Bleckner and also the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and organized a project called “ART+HOPE.” The project was intended to provide “art-based therapy” to former child soldiers in Northern Uganda. 

“Staying Power” at MARS Gallery, Melbourne

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 22, 2018

“Cori Creed: Strata” at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 20, 2018

“Meghan McKnight: Lattices” at Angell Gallery, Toronto

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 17, 2018

Peter Cooley: “Environment, Colour, Tone” at Martin Browne Contemporary, Toronto

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 17, 2018

Honey Ant: Mick Wikilyiri at Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 11, 2018

“Nick Howson: Suburbia” at Australian Galleries, Melbourne

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | April 10, 2018