Giorgio Vasari

Giorgio Vasari

Italian, b. 1511 - d. 1574


The Search for the Lost Da Vinci Fresco: Serious Science or Irresponsible Hype?

By Kate Deimling,ARTINFO France | March 22, 2012

Could a lost fresco by Leonardo da Vinci have remained hidden behind another wall painting in Florence for more than 450 years? It’s a tantalizing idea, and one that Maurizio Seracini has been...

The Male "Mona Lisa"?: Art Historian Martin Kemp on Leonardo da Vinci's Mysterious "Salvator Mundi"

By Andrew M. Goldstein | November 17, 2011

With this month’s opening of “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” at the National Gallery in London there has been an enormous surge of interest in this archetypal Renaissance...