Nationality: Italian

Birth Year: 1573

Death Year: 1610


Will the Sotheby’s Caravaggio Decision Impact the Practice of Authentication?

By Mostafa Heddaya | January 29, 2015

When an English court recently ruled in favor of Sotheby’s in the matter of a purported Caravaggio found by the auction house to be a 17th-century copy, the decision was a seemingly clear-cut...

Marilyn Minter, Betty Tompkins, and Others Gauge George W. Bush's Work

By Scott Indrisek | April 15, 2014

DALLAS — It’s useful to consider “The Art of Leadership,” former President George W. Bush’s solo painting debut, as a kind of sprawling installation that begins with the metal detector at the...

A New Caravaggio Joins the Canon as X-Ray Investigation Vindicates a Disputed Medusa Head

By Kate Deimling,ARTINFO France | February 29, 2012

Legend has it that, after slaying Medusa, Perseus attached her head to his shield in order to turn his enemies to stone. Her decapitated, snake-covered head, dripping with blood, was such an...


„Painting Music in the Age of Caravaggio” in New Y

By Anneliese Cooper | January 27, 2015