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Occupation: Painter
Movement: Academic Art
Eugene von Blaas’ Famous Artworks
“Pleasure,” 1900
“Flirtation at the Well,” 1902
“The Flirtation,” 1904
“In the Water,” 1914
“Venetian Beauty on Balcony,” 1932
Eugene von Blaas was an Italian painter who lived and worked in Venice. While still alive, he was acclaimed internationally and exhibited widely in Europe.  
Eugene von Blaas’ Early Life
Eugene von Blaas was born in the Italian village of Albano, not far from Rome in 1843. Von Blaas’s father, Karl von Blaas, originally from Austria, was a well-known fresco painter. Coming from a family inclined towards arts, Von Blaas did not have to look far to find a mentor. He was taught by his father from a young age.  When Karl Von Blaas became a professor at the Academy of Venice, the family moved to the city from Albano. Post their move to Venice, Von Blaas began painting Venetian life that he saw around him every day.
Eugene von Blaas’ Career in Venice 
It was after his move to Venice that Eugene Von Blaas came to establish himself as a prominent artist. Venice, being a key stop on the grand tour had a developed market for paintings depicting Venetian life, as visitors wanted to take a slice of Venice home with them. Therefore, a school of artists flourished in painting Venetian scenes. Von Blass was part of a group of such artists that included Antonio Rotta, Antonio Paolettu and English artists such as William Logsdail and Luke Fields. 
Von Blaas’s work centered around Venetian lifestyle. His work predominantly depicted the daily life of Venetian women. He was influenced by British Impressionism where women were shown in rural or domestic settings. Von Blaas’s, however, portrayed his women as sensual beings despite the mundane scenes that surrounded them. The artist paid special attention to differentiating the texture of the fabric worn by the women he painted; this was an enviable skill that was admired by many who came upon Von Blaas’s work. Von Blaas also painted nudes, children and portraits. Following in his father’s footsteps, Von Blaas also became a professor at the Academy of Venice. 
Eugene von Blaas’ International Fame 
Eugene Von Blass exhibited his work all around Europe. Between 1875 and 1892 he showed at the Royal Academy and the Grafton Gallery in London. He also held exhibitions in Vienna, St Petersburg, Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Monaco. Art lovers can buy Eugene von Blaas’ artworks online.
Eugene Von Blaas died in Venice on the 10th of February 1932. 
Eugene von Blaas’ Major Exhibitions
1875  -  Royal Academy, London
1891  -  Royal Academy, London
Eugene von Blaas’ Collection/Museums
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, UK
Hove Museum and Art Gallery, UK
“Eugene von Blaas” by Thomas Wassibauer


 A Venetian Beauty by Eugen von Blaas

Eugen von Blaas

A Venetian Beauty

Christie's, London

July 12, 2018

$24,765  USD

 A kneeling woman by Eugen von Blaas

Eugen von Blaas

A kneeling woman

Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner, Bredgade

June 8, 2018


 Flirtation by Eugen von Blaas

Eugen von Blaas


Sotheby's, New York

May 22, 2018

$495,000  USD


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