Daniel Weiner

Nationality: American

Birth Year: 1965


Daniel Weiner was born in Oak Park, Illinois, raised in Los Angles and educated on the West Coast. Mr. Weiner’s aesthetic is crafted from a degree in English and a master’s in printmaking, painting and photography with influences from the California assemblage artists, work as a scenic carpenter and as a reader of romantic literature. Mr. Weiner exhibits with Pierogi in Brooklyn, James Graham and Sons in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include The Farm   (2003) and Sushi Visual and Performance Art Space (2001) in San Diego, 4016 Gallery (2004) in Los Angeles and 440 Gallery in Brooklyn (2008). Many of his works are maintained in private collections. Daniel received his BA from UCLA and an MFA from San Diego State.
Artist statementI have been working with the creative model of a psychological bureaucracy.  In some cases I think of my work as letters (epistles) in others I address the experience of reading and interpreting texts.  An imaginary bureau processes aesthetic questions and problems that emerge in the studio.  I use pages from textbooks, technical manuals and literature in digest form as the support for small paintings drawings, writings and collages. The found pages are chosen for their potential interpretations and their pagination.  I collaborate with the original intention of the page, which usually seems no less complicated than my own.  I think of myself as a bureaucrat of the type in Kafka’s “The Trial”.  Reports are submitted and processed. Their contents are scrutinized and annotated.  I hope the works render the idea of a psychologically inert text, a purely declarative sentence fallacious and formally recognize the strata of significance in any cultural document.  Even the writers of example sentences in English textbooks have desires.
Artworks for sale

Cut, Carve, Chisel, Sculpt

Dec 14, 2014 - Feb 1, 2015

Lesley Heller Workspace, New York