Born in 1951, French Canadian artist Robert Polidoricreates meticulously detailed, large-scale colour photographs.Polidori, now living in New York, has exhibited widely in the US,France and Germany and had his first solo exhibition in the UK, atFlowers Central in September 2005.

As staff photographer to The New Yorker, Polidoritravels to far reaches of the world, often gaining access to remote orrestricted locations. He is fascinated by the remnants and traces oflife that he finds scattered in hallways, left in back rooms and wornon facades. His photographs are simultaneously seductive andmelancholy, portraying the rich colours and textures of neglected andestranged cities. His Chernobyl, Versailles and Havana photographsepitomise these ideas; they are nostalgic photographs, rich in history,sensitive and highly emotive.


Datebook: Works of Robert Polidori at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | September 2, 2016

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Datebook: Robert Polidori at Paul Kasmin Gallery

By BLOUIN ARTINFO | August 30, 2016

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Flowers Gallery

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